Art’s central mission – its Prime DIrective, if you will – is to write about what needs to be written about, show what needs to be shown, because if these stories are not out there, monsters and misfits will suffer in silence.

Recurring themes, apart from the obvious hardships and blessings of queerness, are societal imprints on the body, vulnerability in public space, sampling, being sampled and multiple forms of prayer.

Since touring the US with the experimental and south Swedish underground influential music group Yind in 1999, Maja Darkest Karlsson has spent 20 years exploring music production and sound design that oscillates between folk ballads, queer techno, poetry and high concept.

Karlsson’s formal education is in sociology, gender studies, cultural studies and media analysis, but the work is rather fueled by 20+ years of producing and writing music, building studios, building stages, touring internationally, writing and performing.