Lectures on Queer Culture and anti-discrimination. Download the pdf below for Swedish information.

Tolerance Renaissance

Tranny Dyke Maja Darkest Karlsson on queer culture
– from extreme to chill, about co-existance, basic decency and how everybody wins in an open enviroment (even the capitalists)

Whether your staff is politically correct, unbothered, conservative or woke, they will leave Maja’s lectures more interested in culture and art outside of their comfort zone. They will see the benefits of not caring about how people live and love, as long as we do no harm. They will feel it is a given to speak up in the face of bigotry.


Queer representation in media – better and worse examples.

The context of today’s theme in anti-discrimination, namely the “normkritik” – and suggestions on how to move forward.

A bit of socioloy, biology, politics, tactics and such – but not too much, I promise.

The foundational principles of co-existence.

About Maja

For 20+ years Maja Darkest Karlsson has written music and performed on stage in various ways. When she came out as a trans woman in 2006, she started writing for Swedish magazines like Ottar, Kom ut and later Bang and Feministiskt Perspektiv. Maja’s bachelor in feminist theory, cultural studies, sociology and media analysis is not why Maja is a good educator – although it helps in speaking with academics and management. The reason is rather the same fuel that drives her artistic production: years of experience as openly queer, employed in public service and a touring musician – always trans and for many years visibly deviant.

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