A Hand in the Darkness


Rap-ish songs about shame, sidewalks, stilettos, substances and surviving. A Hand In The Darkness started out as English translations of Maja’s Swedish rap lyrics and grew their own life in a mix of clubby bass, experimental folk and unusual arrangements. The lyrics are about childhood memories, the gym, body parts and clothing.

Majas first solo project Le Bombe distributed home made CD-R’s across all of Sweden in the beginning of the 00’s and gained underground recognition. In 2014 the queer rap of MAKEMAKE had a flash in the limelight with mentions in Swedish media. Still, Sweden is perhaps too small to harbour such a niche as explicitly unapologetic and uncomfortably queer rap.

With A Hand In The Darkness, Maja hopes that the loaded content will reach queers and lovers of weird music in the wider world, now that it is no longer in the form of one of the smallest languages in the world.

Photography: Leif Holmstrand
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